Agile Development

Novasys follows scrum – agile development methodology where entire development cycle is made up of multiple sprint. Each sprint lasts 1 – 3 weeks.

iOS Applications

A wide range of iOS apps in industries like E-commerce, Banking, Legal, Healthcare, Utility, Business, Entertainment.

Web Applications

Web Applications developed by Novasys has been funded by yCombinator and published in media like Techcrunch, Washington Post etc.

IBM ODM / JRules

Novasys has the best consulting services in IBM ODM (earlier ILog JRules). IBM itself is one of Novasys customer in JRules / ODM.

Enable Payment using Stripe

Novasys can help you 

  • Enable payment on your site using Stripe.
  • accept payments from users with stripe account.
  • generate reports based on your stripe usage.
  • Allow users to subscribe to weekly/monthly/annual plans using stripe. 

Building custom mobile, web and cloud solutions


Native Mobile application development for iOS and Android devices.


Use our cloud services to configure your cloud to scale up/down your stack and to optimise the utilisation of your server.


Rich internet web applications with the help of correct technology selected for your needs.



Native ios application development using XCode, Objective C and iOS SDK.


Native Android application development using Java and Android sdk.


mobile web application development using html5 and other javascript libraries like Sencha Touch, JQuery mobile, PhoneGap..


Cross platform mobile applications using PhoneGap with Sencha Touch or JQuery mobile frameworks.


Grails provide Ruby on Rails like features for Java applications. faster application development with power of Java. Rich plugin library in Grails makes it our preferred choice of plateform for web applications.


MVC framework from Google for UI layer. Provides two way binding of data for dynamic web applications.


Zend is our preferred choice of MVC framework in PHP for building dynamic web applications in PHP.


node js brings the javascript to server side applications. Easily build scalable applications using javascript code.


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