Setting up AutoCompletion in Sencha Touch 2 with SublimeText 2.

Anyone can start developing great HTML5 based mobile apps using senchaTouch with the following tools :

1. Senchatouch and senchaCMD.
2. XAMPP as your server.(You can choose the server you want)
3. A webkit based browser such as chrome or safari.
4. Any text editor.

For a detailed explanation of  the SenchaTouch 2 setup , follow this guide.

But unfortunately, developing bigger and complex apps are a bit excruciating, because of the lack of auto completion in the code editors. Since typos are harder to find, the development cycle will only get longer.

Even though there is no complete Auto-completion of sencha available, (except the paid version of Sencha’s products like SenchaArchitect and eclipsePlugin which comes with Sencha complete) the following tools will still do the trick:

1. SublimeText text editor with Sencha.sublime package by rdougan.

2. Using AptanaIDE with with spket plugin.

Auto-completion with Sublime text:

Sublime is a cross-platform text and source code editor.  Follow the steps to  setup sencha touch autocompletion with sublimeText :

Windows setup:

1. Download and install sublime text 3.

2. Open sublime, Click preference->Package control.


3. Select <Package Control: Add repository>.


4. Wait for some time. Now a search bar pops up.  Just search for ‘Sencha’ and select the sencha text bundle.


5. Restart sublimeText .

Mac setup:

1. Download and install sublime text 3 for mac.

2. Download this repository “sencha.sublime-master”( and put it in Application->sublime text 2->packages folder.

3.  Now, open sublime and browse to packages as follows :

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.13.07 PM

4.  Find the downloaded repository “sencha.sublime-master” like in the below image . And double click on licence to install the sencha bundle for auto-complete feature.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.14.44 PM


Now you can restart sublime text 3. Then open your Sencha project folder with sublimeText or create a file with “.js” extension. Then type “d” in it and you should be seeing auto-Complete if everything went well.  Sublime even gives you auto completion on user defined functions and variables.

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