Eclipse adt vs Android Studio.

You might be familiar with Android development on eclipse ADT plugin. Its almost six months since the early access release of the Android Studio at Google I/O 2013. Since then, many versions of Android Studio has been released. We can soon expect the 1.0 version of Android Studio. Even though developer comfort is first before changing the IDE, this is a minor comparison of the top two android development IDE for now.

1. Terminologies:


  These are the terms you should relate to if you are going to change your IDE to Android Studio.

2. Project structure:

   project structure

  Eclipse project structure looks simpler. Thats because Eclipse/ADT is designed to support a single build at a time .  While the gradle build system can be used to generate multiple builds at the same time. For example, development build and release build.(You can even build multiple apks of Your apps free and paid versions.)


The designer in Android studio is of no match to its counterpart in eclipse. You can watch the layout changes as you type in the new layout editor.

When editing drawable XML files, you get an instant preview on the right. No need to run the program to find the generated color.


When getting down to develope apps, working with eclipse can be daunting some times when it gets stuck while designing the layouts.  And the countless problems that arises out of emulator getting stuck.

Android Studio was just released 6 months back. It is relatively new and immatured, but its way easier to use, with intelli j. The Dracula theme is so pleasing to the eyes. The gradle based build system makes it that much easier to generate multiple builds simultaneously.

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