Apple Maps Leading With New Generation Maps

Apple maps’ original launch was so rocky that chief executive Tim Cook publicly apologized for it and later fired the manager who oversaw the app’s development .The app was so flawed that many reviewers urged users to download the Google app from iTunes instead .

September,2012 , Apple replacing Google maps with its own messy map app for the iOS 6 .As of September 2013, 35 million people in the U.S. used Apple’s map on the iPhone (the only place the app is available), while only six million used the Google map app on the iPhone.


iOS 7 Apple Maps 

iOS 7 Apple maps are taking maps to a new generation. Apple’s iOS 7 3D maps left Google Earth , Nokia maps 3D way behindGoogle earth and Nokia maps 3D looks old fashioned now.

  • They are having very good 3D views .
  • More clear look for flyovers .
  • Good Traffic views.



3D Views 

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.12.29 PM




Clear Look For Flyovers






Good Traffic Views

IMG_1875 IMG_1874


Apple Maps has improved since launch, but it’s still inferior to Google Maps . Searching for businesses, addresses and landmarks is a fraught experience using Apple Maps. Results can be wildly inaccurate with Apple Maps.Although Google Maps sometimes suffers from inaccurate data, these problems occur less often.Google maps database is more stronger than Apple maps database.

One more drawback is there that Apple Maps doesn’t have any integrated public transport directions, instead relying on third party apps .

Even with these drawbacks, we can except a great improvement in future in Apple Maps. As they come up with such outstanding views, so just wait and watch , next is what?

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