Improve the testing process

How to improve the testing process, this is very big question, i have collected few points as per my experience on Mobile native and hybrid app testing. There are a number of different approaches which can be applied to improve the test process, overviews of these approaches .

  1. Never take direct build from developer.
  2. Never trust on developer comment.
  3. Check developer are committing the code daily or alternative  day.
  4. Check the test step for testing and development.
  5. Check they  have entered proper step, not junk data
  6. Perform Content Integration Testing with respect to the Application Daily[Eg.404 Checks for Links,Blank Content in the Page,Unnecessary Contents in the Page,etc...]
  7. Perform defect cleaning[Review the very old defects if it is no more reproducible then close it.This is the way of defect cleaning].
  8. As far as  Device Testing is Concern , Perform Testing On Devices which ever devices available.
  9. But for One Device we should keep 1 Higher Class Device(iPhone 5), One Lower Class Device(Eg.Nokia 6230i), and One Feature Phone(Blackberry).
  10. Make a habit of meeting  team mates daily to know the status of what they tested.
  11. Make sure All  team mates are sending Daily Status Report on What they tested to Maintain Site Quality.
  12. Email to client for approval, API completion, UAT approval, project completion.
  13. Give the variation report for weekly/ monthly /after completing  the project.
  14. Estimation for task.
  15. Change request approval from client.
  16. Get complete functional requirement from client for each and every page for all functions.
  17. Wiki for Project
    • What are the Changes Made?
    • When are the releases ?
    • What is the Corresponding Change Made in the release.
    • What are the Open P1 and P2 defects.
    • What are the Open Production Issues.
    • What are the Pages(Sites)in the Application
    • Modules Present in the Page
    • Functionality of the Module
  18. Maintain table of Contents With Production Defects
  • Defect No
  • Defect Description
  • Creation Date
  • Status of the Defect

19. Maintain a Release wiki

  • Release Date.
  • What are the changes made in the Release.
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