Xamarin and Microsoft together on Cross platform mobile development

Better integration between Visual studios and Xamarin allows windows  developers to easily build native apps for iOS, Android and  Windows with C#.

The collaboration spans three areas:

1.Share the code With PCL:


PCL (Portable Class Library) Provides you to share the code among different  development platforms.You can now keep common code in a single project, referenceable from any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows Store project.


2.Support for Visual Studio 2013 :

Xamarin and Microsoft are now working together to give  the best possible mobile development experience in Visual Studio 2013, spanning iOS, Android and Windows, and also improved the Visual Studio-to-Mac pairing process as well as improving the handling of the connection to your paired Mac.The Xamarin.iOS build host running on Mac now operates as a standalone application, which can be manually stopped or started.

3.Special offers for MSDN Subscribers:

It provides Special offer to MSDN subscribers i.e special pricing  on new purchase of Xamarin and 90 day trail period.

Finally, Xamarin is kicking off a 20-city road show with the Windows Azure and Visual Studio teams to get the word out on the latest trends in cross-platform mobile.

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