Hybrid apps: Benefits for Developers and Enterprises

Hybrid apps: Benefits for Developers and Enterprises

Since the launch of revolutionary touch screen smart phone devices, enterprises are demanding mobile apps for more customer engagements. First apple developed their native apps which is suited for their iOS devices, then Android came with their native apps to suite up Android platform. This gave the rise in demand of the hybrid app to support multiple platforms.

Mobile apps categorized into three segments, native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. Native apps utilizes a single platform for example Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows. Web apps runs on browser and it utilizes technologies HTML, Java Script, CSS etc and Hybrid apps are combination native and web app technologies, simultaneously has advantages of both the technologies.









Hybrid apps utilizes cross platform mobile app development capabilities to run on various platforms, according to gartner predictions more than 50% of the mobile apps deployed will be hybrid apps by the year 2016.

Why to chose Hybrid apps over native and web apps

1. Greater Market Reach
Hybrid apps cover multiple platforms, it can utilize Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows platforms. Multiplatform capability also make it easy to market, it does not restrict to the platform specific marketing campaigns, Thus gives option to reach a greater audience to the enterprises through their mobile apps.

2. Cost Effective
Hybrid apps have cost advantages over native apps, hybrid apps offers lesser development and maintanace cost. Hybrid apps makes it easy to deploy changes across multiple platform.

3. Uniform Design across all the platforms
Hybrid apps utilizes HTML5 code and easily convert it to multiple platforms, hybrid apps maintains uniform design across all mobile app platforms. In case of designing native apps it makes hard to synch the app across all the platform.

4. API(Application Programming Interface) Utilization
Hybrid apps utilizes full device capabilities as native apps does. Which give it advangates over the web apps in terms of performance and functionality.

5. Easy to release on App store
Complimenting web apps, hybrid apps can be released on the respective app stores as native apps.







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