How is helping Developers to create mobile apps is a powerful cloud app platform for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Javascript. There are more than hundred thousands apps already developed with parse backend in such a short time. is gaining more popularity since it is acquired by the social media giant Facebook.

With developers can focus more on creating superior user interfaces by reducing time in maintaining complex server functionality. Developers can easily install parse SDK and register the app with backend, parse provides easy access to the objects. Parse has a number of features which is making it popular among the developers and which differentiate it from the other cloud platforms, Some of the features are listed below. Analytics
With parse analytics users can track data point in the real time, API requests, push notifications, app opens and push open related data. Users can monitor detailed performance view of the app in the selected time frame.



Single Dashboard to manage your app functionality
Parse provide dynamic data storage for mobile apps, parse has a data browser section which consists all the data browser related functionality into a single dashboard, all the app data can be manage from the data browser section of the dashboard. Parse users can send push notifications to the all application users or to the selected group of users, which helps to reach right users at right time. Parse has advanced targeting and push scheduling feature to deliver that capability to the users.



Competitive Pricing makes it best
Competitive pricing makes it to reduce the overall app development costs significantly. Thus it offers the best value propositions both for enterprises and developers. Parse is free for upto 1 million users per month, then parse has it paid version as the number of users per months grows more than 1 million count. Parse pro version available only for $ 199 per month.



Summary is still new for most of the developers, parse is becoming popular practice among the app developers with its easy to use features and competitve pricings. Although parse support multiple platforms and has lots of benifits for the developers but Parse is still evolving to become a better cloud app platform to cater the needs of the developers for creating and maintaining their apps.



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