Media and art gallery business with Social media

Social media is integral part of most of businesses,  users can connects with other users with the social media websites and can share contents. Social media gives lots of business opportunity for the media and art business by allowing the artists and artists groups to communicate online. Here are some points on how media and art business can grow with the social media.

Mobile apps with social media Integration

Mobile apps runs on the smartphone devices and easily integrate the social media websites.  App users can easily access the social media functionality like status updates, posts, share, profile view etc. Media and art apps connects artists with other artists, artists can follow other artists and favourite their work and easy to access the multimedia artists portfolio. Tenlegs INC has their mobile app to connect artists, users can easily signup to join the artists network.


Social media widgets 

Social media widgets are popular for the social visibility, social media widgets can be easily integrated with the websites and emails. Some of the popular social media widgets are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.  Artists can share their profile, portfolio and grow their network with the social media widgets.



Social media art gallery pages

Social media pages attracts a large user base, it can be a business page or a personal page to gain the attention of the people in the network.  It is easy to invite people to join or follow the social media pages. Artists can post their latest art work, galleries, events and activities on the social media pages.


Social media groups

Social media groups are the essential part of the social networking, users can create groups or participate in other groups to grow their network. Some popular social networking sites LinkedIn, Facebook , Google plus has the feature for the users to create their groups. Users can participate with their personal profiles or with the business profile in the groups. Artists can connect with the other artists in a group and can grow the network.









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