How to increase Downloads of your mobile apps

Mobile apps has been integral part of our day to day life, mobile apps downloads are increasing with the increase in smartphone adoption worldwide, mobile apps posses lots of challenges, in terms of their marketing. Mobile app must be reached to the target end users, so it very important to increase the number of downloads of your mobile apps, here are some points listed on how to increase your mobile app downloads.

Social media sharing

Share your mobile app link in social media websites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Post the link to target user groups, so that they get to know about the app and can download the app on their devices. Use social media gadgets for social media websites and use it to share your app link through your website over social media.

Release apps in local languages

If there is market demand of the app in different languages then it is beneficial to release the app in different languages as the market demands. Sometimes local languages also attracts the users and this could increase the app downloads and benefits in terms of revenue.

App store page optimization

The app must be discoverable to the user when they search, putting optimized keywords can help to get the app discoverable to the users. This increases the app visibility in the app store and results in more app downloads.

Optimize ad-networks

Use add networks to market your apps, ad-networks like admobs, iAds utilizes the ads campaign and can increase the app download. Add network utilizes the mobile app flexibility and can generate revenue.

Event promotions

Promote your app in events or shows, event promotion give popularity to the apps when it is targeted to the large audience and this can results in increase of app downloads significantly.


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