How to migrate iOS6 apps to iOS7

Apple is pushing the developers to iOS7 compatible apps, all the apps in the app store would be iOS7 compatible by February 1st, it is necessary to move the existing apps to the iOS7 compatible apps. There is design consideration, which designers and developers has to follow to make the apps compatible to the new iOS7.

Apple has made the transitions easy for the existing apps, with its new XCode5, since the first release of iOS, the new iOS7 is the biggest change in the UI design, so existing apps and new iOS apps also need to follow those design guidelines. So that they looks like the iOS7 apps.

There are following key factor every app should follow for iOS7

1. Update the app icon: In iOS7 the app icons are different for iOS devices, for iPhone and iPod Touch the app icons are 120×120 pixels, for iPads it is 152×152 pixels. There is also no shine or drop shadow option to the app icons in iOS7.

2. All the app designs must support ratina display and iPhone5, XCode5 provide the option easily to support for various devices.

3. In iOS7 the view controllers are having full screen layout, app contents should be visible from translucent UI elements like bars, keyboards etc.

4. The buttons which are used in iOS6 has shadow effects and solid appearances, when it comes into iOS7 it does not look neat. The bar button items are also lighter as compare to the bar button items in earlier iOS versions. The designers needs to redesign the button items to be look good for iOS7.

5. Use autolayout option instead of hardcoded UI values like position, sizes etc. Autolayout option makes the app to respond when the layout changes.

6. Use dynamic type option for the text, users can adjust the text sizes in their app. For example if users are accessing content in the app, they can change the font sizes of the text.

7. In iOS7 there is newly added control center feature, if the iOS7 detect the swipe from the bottom of the screen, it reveals the control center, it should not affect the currently running apps.

8. In iOS7 design elements are much flat with less emphasis on the visual effects, which makes the UI elements more physicals, designers also needs to work on the designs considering these factors.


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