Estimote Beacons- Real World Context and Applications

Estimote Beacons- Real World Context and Applications

Estimote Beacons are the small wireless devices, which broadcasts the radio signals all the time. It has 32-bit ARM, Cortex MO CPU with 256kb flash memory, accelerometer, and 2.4 GHz bluetooth 4.0 device. Estimote Beacons uses a single coin battery, which make it to last for 2 years time depending on the use of the Beacons.

The minimum requirement to use the the technology is to have bluetooth smart hardware, so the device should have bluetooth 4.0 enabled and the device should have Apple iOS7 or Android 4.3(Jelly Bean). Some popular devices which supports bluetooth 4.0 are iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad3, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc.

Estimote Beacons communicates with the smart phone devices by the micro-location features and it can communicate with the smartphone devices from 2 inch distance to 50-70 m distances. Smart phone devices achieve stronger signals, closer the device get. Beacons transmits signals regularly, from once a second to 10 times a second, device achieve higher signal strengths with more transmission rate, which mostly depends upon the device implementation. Smart devices takes the signal from many beacons simultaneously, smart device calculate the distance from each beacon and measure the relative distance from each beacon to obtain the necessary results for the users.

Beacons don’t need GPS or Wi-Fi connectivity, devices can get the location based and the other information by their bluetooth sensors.

Applications of LEB(Low Energy Bluetooth) devices with mobile apps

LEB(Low Energy Bluetooth) devices like Estimote Beacons are already been used by the large retailers in the USA and Europe, it is been using for the purpose of the product placement by the retailers and it is optimized by retailers and developers by the mobile apps that communicate with these low energy bluetooth devices. The app running on the smart devices can picks the signal from the beacons, and get information like ids, location information etc, then app utilizes this information to obtain data from the local database or cloud.

Customers can have many benefits of using the technology like automatic check-ins to the retail stores, easy payments, indoor navigations etc. The technology aims to enhance customers in-Store shopping experience using these bluetooth sensors.

The consumers needs to install the apps in their smart devices and need to use their bluetooth 4.0 sensors to benefit the service. Mobile apps on the customers devices keeps running in the background and constantly receives signals from the beacons, which transmits the available information of the surroundings. Its other amazing application could be on the booking the tickets from the railway platforms, security features in the building, gallery views in the museums etc.

How to use Estimote Beacons in mobile apps

Low energy bluetooth devices like Estimote beacons utilizes the sdks, which provides some simple app codes to understand the basic features and easy to put some Objective C code to obtain certain functionality and it also makes easy for the developers to add micro-location features in their apps.

Low energy bluetooth devices are evolving and getting very popular in the large retail stores specially in the US and European countries. More mobile apps will be adding these location based features which are based on low energy bluetooth devices.

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