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Quiz Mobile Applications

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  1. Overview -

Quiz apps in mobile apps  have gained a lot of popularity recently. Quiz apps often are used as a fun app, playing a quiz on your favorite topics. But the main potential of quiz app is derived in learning apps. There are multiple approaches used by quiz apps which can improve the pace of learning and keep track of learning by user.

On the other side there are apps like Quizup which are totally focused on the fun part and have been very successful. The app itself can be used for educational purpose also but it has limitation in tracking user learning and is more focused on multiplayer quizzes.

Here in this document we go into details of common features of a quiz app, various areas where quiz apps can be used,  how a mobile quiz app actually works, how it works better in learning etc.

  1. Components in a Quiz app -

(eg. Quiz play, tests, study material, Score history, Leaderboard, Multiplayer)

There are various types of quiz app. Depending on the purpose of the app, few or more components from this list may be relevant for a quiz app. Below are some of the most common components of a quiz app -

  1. Quiz Play – Quiz play is the most integral and obvious part of a quiz app. Usually a quiz will consist of multiple objective type questions.

    1. This would be like a short test where user is presented somewhere between 10 – 30 questions with multiple choices as answers.

    2. A Quiz could be a timed or untimed test. In a timed test there would be a limit on time for each question or full quiz.

    3. The question would usually be in the form of a 2-3 line sentence. For some quiz, it could also be a picture, audio or video.

    4. One quiz usually would be on a single topic.

    5. End of the quiz, user would be shown the result, user score, correct answers along with user choices, answers in graphical form etc.

  2. Study Material – If it is an academic app then there could be a study material before the quiz. User can go through the study material and then go through the quiz/test. The study material could be in text, video, audio format.

  3. Score History – This would contain a timeline of all the tests played by the user. There will be one entry for each quiz played by user. User can see the result details including answers for each question, score, graphical analysis etc.

  4. Leaderboard – Leaderboard will contain the list of top scorers along with user position in the leaderboard. There could be leaderboard for each category/topic and at different geography level.

  5. Multiplayer Mode – Quiz play could be in a multiplayer mode. In a multiplayer quiz play, user will play against another user. This would require communication between users via a server. They both will play the same quiz. The server will do the job of matching the two online users for a multiplayer quiz play.

  6. Socially Enabled – With a socially enabled app user can login via their social network id, invite their friends for the quiz, post results/ranking on their social networks etc.

  1. Usages -

Different types of mobile apps quizzes, Different Fields (eg. Education, Campaign etc) Quiz app can be used in multiple scenarios -

  1. fun apps with quizzes on different topics eg. history, politics, science, TV programs, simple math, general knowledge etc. This will be a fun app and the user will be playing it like a game with the scores.

  2. Academic apps with quizzes on a particular course. This will usually be accompanied with some study material. The purpose of the app will be to assist user in learning a course. The test will ensure if user has completed the course properly or not.

  3. Vocabulary builder – A quiz app to help user build the vocabulary. The question will be in the form of a word. The choices could be meaning of the word, or antonym or synonym of it. This will usually track user progress and automatically keep adding more words to the quiz play. Some apps have concept of decks and when user has perfected a particular deck of words, they will be presented with another deck. these type of apps are very popular for examinations like SAT, GMAT, GRE, CAT etc.

  4. Campaigns or Survey – A quiz app can be used for a campaign where user will be answering some questions for a particular industry, brand or product. This could be used usually around an event like a product launch, marketing campaigns, seminars, trade fairs etc. The app can capture user awareness or opinion around certain questions.

  1. Technical Components in Quiz app -

There could be one or more of following components in a mutliplayer quiz app depending on the complexity of the app and features in the app -

  1. Mobile app – This is the user interface where most of the action will occur. These will be written in native code (Objective C, Java) for the corresponding platform (iOS, Android, Windows). The apps can be distributed via corresponding app stores.

  2. Server – A server written in PHP, Java will have all the backend logic and database for the app. It will store all the users data, login, assist in in-app purchases, leaderboard rankings, new courses/quizzes etc. Depending on the complexity of the app, a quiz app may or may not have the requirement of a server.

  3. Hosting environment – The server will usually be hosted on AWS or similar cloud hosting platforms. In case of PHP hosting requirements are simpler and it could be a shared on a comparatively less expensive shared hosting platforms.

  4. Database – MySQL is usually the default choice for storing all the backend data.

  1. How these apps work better for user -

Mobile apps are better in certain ways compared to conventional quizzes or even their web application -

  1. Your app can keep tracking your progress and automatically present you with new contents, more complex challenges, and high ranking players.

  2. Mobile app gives the freedom to play the quiz anytime / anywhere. Whether you are waiting for bus, in a train or subway, internet connection or no connection, you can always play the quiz.

  3. Leaderboard allows user to compare their performance compared to other players/users within their category, location etc.

  4. Check the history to figure out how they have performed previously.

  1. Cost for Quiz Apps -

The cost for a quiz app can be as small as USD 5000 for something as simple as a plain survey app without a server and simpler UI. A fully functional quiz app can take USD 30,000 – 50,000 which includes a good UI design, backend functionality etc.

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